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released May 3, 2011

Tom Douglass - Guitar, Programming, Writing
Levi Miah - Guitar, Bass, Programming, Writing
Ash Gollings - Vocals, Lyrics

Recording, mixing and mastering by Levi Miah

Artwork by Richey Beckett



all rights reserved


Fractals UK

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Track Name: Contortions
Still looking for a path to follow,
The path that will lead me to my satisfaction.
Searching for the reasons behind our being.

The quest that consumes a lifetime.
We all make our own choices,
Choices that define who we are.
You brought yourself here,
Blame your past for your own self-destruction.

There must be more to me than this,
There must be more to us than this,
There must be more to life than this,
You must give us a sign tonight.

If this life is a test, I failed when I first learned how to lie.
Plus a lifetime of sin since then.
Days gone by, I was fine.
Today I realised I’m unfulfilled, tomorrow I’ll be gone.
My eyes have been opened.

There must be more to me than this,
There must be more to us than this,
There must be more to life than this,
You must give us a sign tonight.
Track Name: Premonitions: Servitude
Living everyday in this state of mind.
My insentient shell, programmed to suit my daily routine.

The lack of attention to my duties,
My mind is oblivious to these cold authenticities.

I chose to live a simple life now won’t you come and join me?
I choose to live a simple life,
The sweet serenity of ones own thoughts are all we get to set us free.

People would always laugh at me,
Say I spend too much time with my head up in the clouds.

How much reality can one man take?

I’m just killing time,
We’re all just seconds ticking off a clock face.
I see no reason behind our actions.
Think how easy we could take it all away,
What will be will be.
Track Name: Boundless
Woke up again with my reflection staring back at me.
Woke up again with this affliction torturing me.
In my eyes, in my skin, in my head in my chest: controlling me.
I’m nothing but a puppet, a lifeless shadow of that face you used to know.

I want to escape,
I need to let go,
I have to revive,
I’m fucking paralysed.

I can’t take the pain.
This grey horizon: so bleak, crippling me.

How much will I take before my mind melts?

All grey they stand and stare, I turn grey as well.

Tomorrow I’ll sleep, it's safer to dream,
Without my conscious thoughts to turn me grey.
I'm boundless.
Track Name: Enshroud The Boundaries
She's the answer to my seclusion,
And to all of the questions that I once asked.
She even solved the problems that I never knew I had.
Paranoia remains the deceiver,
Tonight I’ll end this fucking analysis.

No, I don’t want to let you down,
Because you never could let me down (somebody tell me why).

I am afraid of losing you.
No justification or reasons behind my fear.

She's the only thing that I need,
She's the only thing that makes me happy.
My sweetest dream was us together,
You came and made it real.

I just hope I can find the strength,
To follow up my promises,
And all the cliché words I whispered.

All the cliché words I whispered,
Are more relevant now than ever.
Like a hex upon me,
Out of mind, out of sight.
This just feels so fucking right.
My intentions never changed,
But times do change, people certainly change.

I wouldn’t have predicted the path I’ve walked so far.
Which is why I’m afraid of losing you – this deluded obsession ends tonight.
Track Name: Vastness
Fucking whore – self centered bitch.
Come back to drown me in your tears.
I don’t want to know, I never want to know about your drastic personal affairs.
You had your chance, you fucked it the night you fucked him.
Force the same shit down my neck, just like old times.

Use your excuses and slander to better yourself.
Blame others like you always did, everyone else are the liars.
If only I’d listened to the lies.

Never again will I listen to you.
This time I’ll put you down, your secret's out now.
You will not talk me round.
Hoping I won’t listen or see, you come crawling back to me.
All you need is someone to fuck.

Drown out your insecurities, decline responsibility,
Come crawling back to me again, looking for sympathy.
You won’t get it from me.
Not from me.
Track Name: Artifacts Of Intrigue
All the dark times I’ve seen,
You’ve been there for me.
All the dark places I’ve seen you’ve never turned away,
We’ll never be alone, we’ll never fucking die.

Every night I sit and tear out my hair.
Wasting time, every second slips away.
I never knew who I was.

This time I’ll be the one who ruins you,
I’ll take back everything.
This time I’ll be the one who ruins you,
You’ll pray for a chance to say.

I know you’ve got issues,
I don’t care anymore.
You lie and fight and cheat and steal and...telling me you’ve still got feelings.
A shell of a shattered man is all that remains,
Holding onto that last bit of hope.
You broke me down and built me back up,
Now you’ll deal with the consequences.

No way I can change my mind.
Nothing will make me understand,
Now I’ve drawn a line in the sand.
Nothing I say will make you realise,
That I gave you everything and in return I got lies.

Come on, come on, this is your last chance to beg for forgiveness.
Come on, come on, you know it won’t make a fucking difference.

No fate, only you decide.
Track Name: Tongues
All guilty of the same crime,
Charged with intent to supply.
Selling lies and anguish to one another.
This race makes me sick.

When I look at my reflection,
I see this anger inside of me.

Oh, am I the only one who,
Who will not listen?
Why can't you all see.
We are not relevant to their plan?

Soon you'll all see,
You'll see that some of us know,
We know how its gonna end.
(This false example set for) us to follow,
Will see us dead in the streets.
Stand and watch,
As all you love is violated before you.

They're gonna kill us all.

We live in a world where,
Every ounce of hope is sucked,
From the minds of each and every inhabitant.

Make a fist get it in the air,
Put your foot down we're not gonna take anymore.
Track Name: The Invariant
I watched you drift away,
The good times remain as happy memories.
It’s all I need, it's how it should stay.
Your blood washed up on the shore.

Rejected by the oceans,
Once more rejected by me.
Your words speak of remorse.
The look across your face reveals more to me than your words.
You wallow in your glory as if nothing ever happened.
Congratulations are in order, but do you expect me to care?

I watched you drift away, the ocean has spoken.
The tides concluded our amity,
And it’ll never be the same.

My sorrow is fading,
These scars will remain as momentos of my pain.
Echoes of the past cut through you.

Rejection eclipses your light.
This cannot be undone.

I watched you drift away,
The ocean has spoken.
The tides concluded our amity.
My sorrow is fading.
These scars will remain as momentos of my pain.
This will never be the same, these scars will remain.